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Apr 1, 2024 | Plant of the Month

Magnolias are the true aristocrats of the tree and shrub world. Most are deciduous and produce spectacular displays of goblet or start-shaped flowers in spring before their leaves have emerged. An evergreen form, M. grandiflora, will flower intermittently throughout the summer and into autumn. Some smaller growing types, such as M. stellata, will happily grow in a container for many years.

Magnolias are relatively trouble-free to grow. They respond well to rich living and generally these requirements are easily met; a good, moist, humus-rich but well-drained soil that is not too thin or too chalky. For alkaline soils try M. stellata, M. x leobneri, M. wilsonii or M. seiboldii. Plant in a sunny or semi-shaded position and mulch annually with composted bark and for the early flowering species, provide some protection from spring frosts.

Pruning requirements are minimal and best done immediately after flowering. It is only required when the plants are young to give them shape or to thin congested branches on old specimens.

More information can be found on our magnolia availability page.

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