Nursery Tips

Jobs for April

Jobs for April

Apr 1, 2024 | Nursery Tips

  • Control weeds before they get established.
  • If the conditions are good start to feed lawns.
  • Feed trees, shrubs and roses with a quality general purpose fertiliser such as Vitax Q4.
  • Re-pot plants showing signs of being pot-bound.
  • Keep a close eye on any pests and diseases, they can quickly get out of hand during mild spells.
  • Plant seed potatoes.
  • Tie in climbing plants such as roses, clematis, honeysuckle etc. 
  • Deadhead bedding plants and spring-flowering bulbs so they don’t waste energy setting seed.
  • Start feeding houseplants on a weekly basis with a liquid feed and continue through to autumn.
  • Mature clumps of hardy perennials, such asters and hosta, can be reinvigorated by dividing and replanting.

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