Nursery Tips

Jobs for May

Jobs for May

May 1, 2022 | Nursery Tips

  • Control weeds before they get established.
  • Feed trees, shrubs and roses with a quality general purpose fertiliser such as Vitax Q4.
  • It’s still too early for summer bedding plants to go outside. Wait until the last week of the month before doing so. But make sure you check the weather forecast first!
  • As the weather warms, keep a close eye on pests and diseases, they can quickly get out of hand at this time of year.
  • Earth-up potatoes when the shoots are about 20cm high.
  • Tie in climbing plants such as roses, clematis, honeysuckle etc.
  • Still protect tender plants from late frosts.
  • Before clipping your hedges, check them for nesting birds.
  • Overcrowded clumps of spring flowering bulbs can be lifted, divided and re-planted.
  • Spring-flowering shrubs can be pruned immediately after the flowers have finished.

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