Planting Trees or Shrubs

Fact Sheet: Planting Trees or Shrubs

PLANTING: Mark out an area for planting, which should be at least double the size of the container or the root stock (if bare rooted). The hole should be dug out to the diameter marked and slightly deeper than the container or rootstock.

In the bottom of the planting hole, place a good amount of compost and a recommended amount of an organic feed (Bone meal or Vitax Q4 for example).

Before planting, the tree should be well watered. If the tree is containerised, water directly into the pot until the soil is soaked. If bare rooted, place in a bucket of water for fifteen minutes.

Remembering to remove the tree from its container, place the tree in the planting hole and re-fill with the removed soil. After a prolonged period in a container the roots may have become pot bound, if this is the case gently tease out the roots, as this will help the tree establish a good root base. The final soil level should match the existing compost level of the tree in the container. The soil should then be well heeled in and watered again.

STAKING (WHERE NECCESSARY): A stake should be positioned on the side of the prevailing wind and driven in to the ground until the stake is firm. The stake itself should be the same size as the first set of mature branches.  Appropriate tree ties should be chosen and tied firmly around the tree and the stake.

AFTER CARE: After the tree has been successfully planted it may require some further care and attention. Watering should be maintained until the end of the first growing season and may be required in dry periods during its early years. A mulch can be added every spring and the tree can be fed if needed. If it can be avoided turf or grass seed should not be placed around the tree for the first year as it will compete with the tree for water and nutrients.  In regards to pruning consult the appropriate text for the correct information.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on our lists and labels. However, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances. Varieties offered are subject to availability.

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