Planting Bulbs

Fact Sheet: Planting Bulbs

Generally, the planting and aftercare of hardy bulbs is straightforward. After making sure that the bulb is right for the situation and suitable for the time of planting, choose good quality bulbs and ensure soil will not be waterlogged in winter.

To plant, dig the hole, about twice the diameter of the bulb, depth will depend on bulb as shown below. Prepare the base of the hole, making sure there is no air space between bottom of bulb and soil, it is sometimes useful to put shallow layer of grit or moist peat, then push the bulb down to the base of the hole and twist gently. Replace the soil and press down gently, raking over surface if a large area has been planted. Place some form of marker to remind you where the bulbs are planted!



  • Plant: Autumn. Well drained, humus rich soil. Sheltered sunny spot.
    Planting depth: 7.5cm.
    Spacing: 15cm. Height: 60-90cm


  • Plant: Autumn. Well drained soil. Sun or light shade.
    Planting depth: cover with soil, twice the height of the bulb.
    Spacing: 10-20cm. Height: 7.5-60cm.


  • Plant: Autumn (planting too early can result in frost damage to shoot tips). Best in full sun.
    Planting depth: Garden Tulips 15-20cm, Botanical Tulips 10cm.
    Spacing: 10-20cm. Height: 10-75cm.


  • Plant: Autumn. Any reasonable, humus rich soil. Sun or light shade.
    Planting depth: 15cm.
    Spacing 20cm. Height: 12.5-30cm.


  • Plant: Autumn. Moist soil. Light shade.
    Planting depth: 10cm
    Spacing: 10cm Height: 10-25cm

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on our lists and labels. However, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances. Varieties offered are subject to availability.

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