Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn is a good time to prepare your lawn for the winter and helps a lawn to recover from the winter period.

Remove any thatch (thin layer of dead grass) which builds up during summer, and rake it out (scarify).  Using a spring tine rake, this will not only remove the thatch but rake out any moss if present.

Aerate the lawn. During Summer, the lawn may have suffered some compaction due to hard use, inhibiting drainage and stopping air getting to the grass roots, so it is a good idea to aerate the lawn. Make holes with a garden fork about every 20cm. A hollow tine aerator removes cores of soil and opens the lawn up. Combining hollow tining and top dressing will help to improve the soil structure in the long term. If you have a large area to do, it may be worth hiring a powered aerator.

Thicken the turf, by over seeding (scattering grass seed over the affected area). If you have not already raked the lawn you will need to prick the surface over with either a fork or rake to encourage the seed to ‘stick’. Use a stiff broom to work the seed into the turf and remember to water the areas regularly to get the seed to germinate. Also, remember to keep the birds off the seed by either covering with a net or setting up a bird scarer.

Top dressing is the next process. This is done by spreading a mixture of soil, compost and sand (readily available as Evergreen Lawn Soil). This helps improve the soil structure and 
can be used to fill hollows, achieving an even surface. Work into the hollow patches with a broom or plank of wood.

Feed the grass, if it looks pale and thin. Use an autumn lawn feed such as Evergreen Autumn Lawn Care Complete, which will also tackle any moss that may be present.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on our lists and labels. However, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances. Varieties offered are subject to availability.

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