Planting Potatoes for Christmas Harvest

Fact Sheet: Planting Potatoes for Christmas Harvest

It is possible to plant and grow some varieties of seed potatoes in late July/August and harvest them, just in time to enjoy at Christmas. First and second early varieties such as CharlottePentland Javelin and Duke of York are amongst the suitable ones, as they can be planted straight into a warm soil, and therefore, do not require chitting, prior to planting.

Potatoes that have been harvested in summer and then replanted, will not produce tubers for winter, as they go through a long period of dormancy after harvest, so it is recommended you purchase tubers intended for summer growing.

Where there is a frost free-greenhouse, cool conservatory or bright porch, potatoes can be planted in August for harvesting at Christmas.

Growing potatoes indoors for Christmas harvest:

Use a container at least 30cm deep and wide, with drainage holes in the base. Add a layer of potting compost or garden soil mixed with garden compost or well-rotted manure. A layer 10cm thick is sufficient for 30cm deep pots, but larger containers can be half-filled. Plant one to three tubers per pot, each with about 30cm of space, and cover with 15cm of compost or soil. As the foliage develops, earth up the potatoes with further compost or 
soil until the container is full to within 5cm of the top. Leave enough room for watering and keep well-watered. Feed with a general-purpose liquid fertiliser. Ensure greenhouse remains frost-free as the season progresses, as potato foliage would be damaged by frost. When the foliage yellows and dies down in late autumn it can then be removed and composted. Tubers can be left in their pots in compost (kept fairly dry) until needed at Christmas.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on this list and on our labels, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances. Plants subject to availability.

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