Japanese Maples

Care & Cultivation Guide: Japanese Maples

Known for their graceful habit, often with attractive coloured foliage, and many with finely textured leaves, Japanese maples come into their own in autumn when their foliage turns stunning shades of golden-yellow, orange or fiery red. They are slow-growing and compact which make them ideal for the smaller, modern garden, growing in containers or as an under-storey to larger trees and shrubs. Japanese maples make excellent accent plants in rockeries or provide elegance to water features.

PLANTING:  All plants, whether in the ground or in pots, require shelter from strong winds and a semi-shaded position.

SOIL: Japanese Maples thrive in well-drained, slightly acidic soil with plenty of organic matter. All plants in pots require an ericaceous (lime free) compost.

CARE: Watering is important, especially for container-grown plants as sun and drying winds can quickly draw water from the plant and cause the leaves to “scorch”.

The compost should be kept moist but not too wet. A layer of bark, gravel or slate on top of the container will help to retain moisture and so reduce watering. Little pruning or training is required.

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