Care & Cultivation Guide: Cyclamen

The perfect houseplant for any cool windowsill. 

Cyclamen are perhaps the most popular of all the winter flowering house plants. They have a long flowering period, blooming from September until March. They come in a wide range of colours with beautifully contrasting leaves and a compact growing habit. They are also remarkably easy to look after. 

POSITION: A cool, airy position in bright light but away from direct sunlight.  

CARE: 14-16c is ideal – avoid sudden temperature changes. If the temperature is too high the leaves yellow and the flowers wither. In warmer houses, place close to a window as glass can help lower the plants temperature. A warm room means a short life for a cyclamen. 

Water sparingly – do not saturate as over watering can cause wilting. A good technique is to water from the base of the pot – ensuring that the cyclamen does not end up sitting in water.  Let the compost dry a little before watering.   Remove any yellowing leaves and to ensure lots of flowers, dead head regularly. 

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