Grasses offer diversity of form,colour and foliage, and many bear attractive ornamental flower and seedheads that can be dried. Their rustling movement and varying textures, add extra depth and structure to a garden.  They can create an eyecatching display when interplanted with other plants in beds or containers. Perennial grasses often offer interest in the garden all year round.

Name (common name) & Description Conditions Size
Anemanthele lessonianna - (Pheasant's Tail Grass) Soft arching habit with graceful flowers from June. Glowing copper, gold, bronze foliage in autumn. Light, well drained soil. Sun or shade. sunshade HEIGHT: 70cm
Calamagrostis brachytricha - (Korean Feather Reed grass) Clump forming upright grass. Arching grey green foliage with tall fluffy flower heads. Full sun or partial shade in fertile soil. sunsemi HEIGHT: 1.5m
Calmagrostis x acutiflora Karl Foerster - Pink-bronze flowers that fade to buff or pale brown produced from late summer throughout winter. Humus rich soil in sun or partial shade. sunsemi HEIGHT: 1.8m SPREAD: 60cm
Carex secta - Clumps of narrow green foliage. Plant in a moist fertile soil in sun or light shade. sunshade HEIGHT: 60-90cm
Carex testacea - (Sedge) Evergreen, densely tufted arching blades of olive-green turning orange-brown on surfaces that receive full light. Brown flower spikes in midsummer. HEIGHT: 1.5m WIDTH: 60cm
Hakonechloa macra - Semi evergreen of cascading hummocks of bright green leaves. Moist humus rich soil in sun or part shade. sunsemi HEIGHT: 35cm
Hakonechloa macra aureola - Bright yellow leaves with narrow green stripes, red flushed in autumn. Wonderful in a pot. Moist well drained soil, sun or part shade. sunsemi HEIGHT: 35cm SPREAD: 40cm
Helictotrichon sempervirens - (Blue Oat Grass) Evergreen grass with grey-blue leaves. Straw coloured spikelet's are produced in summer. For well-drained, preferably alkaline soil in full sun. sun HEIGHT: To1.4m SPREAD: 60cm
Jarava Ichu - (Peruvian Feather Grass) Bright mounds of green foliage topped with shimmering silvery-white flowers in summer. Plant in a well-drained soil in sun. sun HEIGHT: 70-90cm
Luzula sylvatica Taggarts Cream - Dense clusters of brown flower spikes in early summer. New leaves are white in spring ageing to cream. Plant in a moist soil in semi-shade. semi HEIGHT: 45cm

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