Summer Flowering Bulbs

Name (common name) & Description Conditions Size
Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation (PP5) IGHT: TBC.
Allium christophii (albopilosum) (PP5) IGHT: TBC.
Amaryllis Kit Giftbox (Large) (PP1) IGHT: TBC.
Anemone blanda Blue Shade (PP15) IGHT: TBC.
Anemone blanda White Splendour (PP8) IGHT: TBC.
Camassia quamash (PP10) IGHT: TBC.
Chionodoxa Pink Giant (PP10) IGHT: TBC.
Crocus chrysanthus Blue Pearl (PP15) IGHT: TBC.
Crocus chrysanthus Cream Beauty (PP15) IGHT: TBC.
Crocus chrysanthus Prins Claus (PP15) IGHT: TBC.

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