Plant of the Month

Ornamental Trees

Ornamental Trees

Nov 1, 2020 | Plant of the Month

Be it rural or urban, trees are an indispensable part of our landscape. They provide shade and shelter from the elements. Their wood gives us a useful and often beautiful material for industry and in our homes. However, it’s when we bring trees into our gardens and get up close and personal that their beauty becomes even more apparent. Flowers, foliage, bark and berries are key elements most of us look for when designing our gardens. Today there is such a range and diversity of trees that it possible to have all these elements in even the smallest of gardens. Sorbus (Mountain Ash), Malus (Crab Apple) and Amelanchier (Snowy Mespilus) are just three star performers for smaller the garden, each with more than one string to their bow and rewarding our efforts with interest from spring through to early winter.  

More information about our trees can be found on our Tree Availability page. 

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