Nursery Tips

Jobs for June

Jobs for June

Jun 1, 2022 | Nursery Tips

  • Deal with weeds as soon as they emerge. The sooner you tackle them, the less work you’ll have later.
  • If you’ve not done so already, plant out your summer bedding.
  • Keep a look out for powdery mildew, especially if the weather is warm and dry.
  • Stake tall or floppy plants before any damage occurs.
  • Give box hedges and topiary a light trim.
  • Don’t forget to shade your greenhouse and keep it cool in hot weather to prevent scorch.
  • Liquid feed container plants.
  • Pinch out any side shoots on tomatoes.
  • Pruning any winter and spring flowering shrubs now will help to improve flowering next year.
  • Check you potted plants regularly for water. Plants can use a lot of water at this time of year, especially on hot and windy days.

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