Open again!

Open again!

May 17, 2020 | News

We are pleased to be welcoming you all back to our Nursery from Monday 18th May 10.00-17.00, for those keen customers you’ll notice we’re opening a bit later at the moment, this is to enable us to keep looking after the plants and giving us time to restock. 

Some of you may be wondering why we’re opening now – not last week – well as a family run business with a small and valuable team we wanted to talk to our staff and find out their views about when to re-open and how to do it in the safest way possible. From this basis we’ve implemented changes which mean we comply with both the Government guidelines and staff suggestions.  These changes have taken some time – If you think about all the changes to the supermarkets that we’ve got used to over the last few weeks – we’ve had to do the same sorts of things. 

So we’re now ready for our customers and hope you’ll appreciate the changes that we’ve made to ensure our and your safety. 

Some of the changes include:- 

  • Limiting car parking spaces to manage numbers visiting the Nursery. 
  • Changing the shop entrance to a side entrance. 
  • Implementing a one way system around the Nursery. Please comply with this to support our social distancing measures. 
  • Only allowing a certain number of customers in the Nursery at a time. Once this number has been reached (Following the HTA guidance) customers will be limited to a one in one out basis. 
  • Only allowing two people together will be allowed to enter at one time. 

Other considerations:-  

  • Any time you need to queue when around the nursery please apply the 2m rule.  
  • All trolley and basket handles will be wiped down with an alcohol-based cleaner after each use. 
  • We’ve also had to close the toilets as we do not have the staff to sanitize them after every use. 

The biggest change you’ll see is our sales area which we’ve had to change around to create extra space as well as changing our payment areas and putting Perspex screening up. 

Finally, we’ve had to consider the different roles that the team are going to have to play over the next few weeks to ensure we comply with the guidelines – this is quite a challenge when we have a limited team available and we still need to look after the plants on the Nursery. So please can we ask you to be patient with us as we want to serve you as quickly and safely as possible.  

We know that people value the quality advice that we provide but this may be limited due to reduced staff numbers so if you do have questions please talk to Nursery staff when you are in the sales areas. We will not have time to provide advice at the payment areas. We also appreciate that people like to coming to Nurseries to wander around and get ideas – it would be really helpful if customers came with some clear ideas of what they wanted to buy. Lastly, we are regularly updating our social media and so if there are any changes to opening times etc.… they will be advertised on Facebook and Twitter first followed by the website. 

Thank you.