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THE PROBLEM: Over the past few years, we have had to replace an ever increasing number of faulty and damaged garden tools supplied by some very well known manufactures. Spades, trowels and forks being the most commonly replaced.

THE CAUSE: Poor Quality. These tools originate from the Far East and are sold on COST, not QUALITY. The manufacturers expect to receive a number of faulty ones returned and simply tell us to replace them. Experience tells us, that this approach is not inspiring you the purchaser or us, the retailer with their brands.

THE SOLUTION: Simple. We have decided to sell only the tools that we have total confidence in. Some may cost a little more to buy but, we feel that the better quality will be worth paying a little more for.


We are able to obtain tools from other manufacturers if required, but as you have probably gathered from the above statement, we may not recommend them!

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