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Bamboo, Grasses and Ferns

Add interest and softness to your garden with bamboo, grasses and ferns.....

Posted 09-August-2016

Hardy Perennials

Often attracting bees and butterflies to their blooms, and make great cut flowers too, Hardy Perennials are a useful and colourful addition to any garden..... with over 350 varieties  to choose from, you are sure to find a suitable one for your garden.....

Posted 09-May-2016

Soft Fruit and Magnolia

The availability lists have all been updated today!

Posted 16-March-2016

Fruit Trees.....

Apple trees are the most commonly planted fruit tree, but it is worth looking at other options.....

Posted 18-March-2015


True aristocrats of the tree and shrub world.....

Posted 11-March-2015

Over 150 varieties of Trees to select from in 2015

Posted 10-March-2015

Updated Soft Fruit List for 2015

Posted 10-March-2015

An excellent selection of Specimen Trees for 2015

Posted 18-February-2015

Beautiful Camellias for 2015

Posted 18-February-2015

Potted Roses for 2015

Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Shrub, Climbers and Ramblers, Standards and Patio Roses

Posted 18-February-2015

Sweet Peas for 2015

12 varieties to choose from .....

Posted 10-December-2014

Poinsettias for Christmas 2014

16 varieties to choose from .....

Posted 30-November-2014

Clematis list has been updated.....

We are pleased to announce the 3 new varieties introduced at Chelsea Flower show have come into stock....

Posted 18-June-2014

Sweet pea list has been updated.....

15 different varieties to choose from, some traditional, some new. Available from Mid March.  

Posted 12-Feb-2013

The Shrub list has been updated.....

Over 450 varieties of shrubs to choose from!

Posted 12-Dec-2012  

Bamboos, Ferns and Grasses lists updated.....

Add interest to your garden with a lovely selection of bamboos, ferns and grasses....

Posted 12-Dec-12

Fruit Tree list updated.....

Some new varieties, as well as the traditional and favourites.....

Posted 31-July-12

Tree list updated.....

Its a big list, but it has an excellent selection of trees......

Posted 28-March-12

Sweet Pea list updated.....

22 varieties to choose from, many of them with delightful scent.....

Posted 28-March-12

Soft Fruit list updated.....

Asparagus, Blackberries, Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Gooseberries, Redcurrants, Rhubarb, Vines and more.....

Posted 28-March-12

Shrub list updated.....  

Like the hardy perennials, this is an enormous list with enormous choice.....

Posted 28-March-12

Rose list updated.....

Always a favourite, many for special occasions too.....

Posted 28-March-12

Rhododendron & Azalea list updated.....

Not all require a LIME-FREE soil, have a look at the INKHARO varieties.....

Posted 28-March-12

Magnolia list updated.....

In flower at the moment, absolutely stunning!!.....

Posted 28-March-12

Japanese Maple list updated.....

Beautiful trees or shrubs, valued for their attractive foliage.....

Posted 28-March-12

Hardy Perennials list updated.....

An exhausting list, but am sure you will find what you are looking for.....

Posted 28-March-12

Fruit Tree list updated.....

Apples, Pears, Plums, Peaches, Cherries, Nuts, Lemons, Olives, just to get your tastebuds going.....

Posted 28-March-12

Connoisseurs Tree & Shrub list updated.....

Something for the plant enthusiast looking for something new, unusual or rare.....

Posted 28-March-12

Conifer list updated.....

Conifers look good all year round, some are slow growing, some can be pruned to shape.....

Posted 28-March-12

Climbers list updated.....

Hydrangeas, Honeysuckles, Russian Vines, Jasmine, Virginia Creepers, Wisteria and more.....

Posted 28-March-12

Clematis list updated.....

Now an easier to use list, showing spring flowering, summer flowering, autumn flowering and evergreen, one for each season of the year.....

Posted 28-March-12

Camellia list updated....

Posted 28-March-12 

Beautiful camellias on show at the moment, lots of them named for special events e.g. Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, Golden Anniversary, Magic Mum.....

Bamboo, Ferns and Grasses lists updated.....

Posted 11-January-12

Garden Calendar - New reminders added

Posted 10-January-12 

Raspberry list updated

Posted 10-January-12

Hamamelis list updated

Posted 10-January-12  

Specimen Tree list updated

Posted 12-October-11 

Fruit Tree list updated

Posted  12-October-11

Soft Fruit list updated

Posted 5-October-11

Tree list updated

Posted 5-October-11

Roses list updated

Posted 14-September-11

Clematis list updated

Posted 22-June-11 14.36

Climbing Plants list updated

Posted 14-June-11 16.49

Magnolia list updated

Posted 6-April-11 16.04 

Camellia list updated

Posted 2-February-11 14.53

Conifer list updated

Posted 10-November-10 13.51

Shrubs list updated 

 Posted 27-October-10 10.10

Tree list updated

Posted on 6-October- 10 12.06

Specimen Tree list updated

Posted on 29-September-10 10.43

Fruit Tree list updated

Posted on 29-September-10 09.33

Grasses, Ferns & Bamboo lists updated

Posted on 26-May-10 10.55

Hardy Perennial Availability list updated

Posted on 16-Mar-10 11.57

Rhododendron and Azalea, Hamamelis, Magnolia, Camellia Availability lists updated

Posted on 16-Dec-09 14.46

Fruit Tree availability list updated

Posted on 2-Dec-09 14.25

Soft Fruit availability list updated

Posted on 2-Dec-09 13.44

Raspberry Canes for 2010 - 14 varieties will be available.

Posted on 29-Sep-09 11.04

Seed Potatoes - 3 varieties, plant now in time for Christmas!

Posted on 22-Sep-09 12.10

Perennial List - Stock list just updated with new and existing ones

Posted on 21-Sep-09 12.30

Roses - Stock list just updated with new and existing roses

Posted on 09-Sep-09 15.51 

Gallery - New photo's added!

Posted on 13-Jul-09 16.59

A superb selection of our in-house photographer's pictures.

Fruit Tree Availability list - recently updated! 

Posted on 13-Jul-09 16.58

A couple of new varieties. 

Hardy Perennial Availability list - just updated!

Posted on 7-Apr-09 11.12

Almost 500 to choose from - a huge selection of traditional favourites, but some new ones too.

Roses - New Stock In!

Posted on 11-Nov-08 15:04

Our new stock have Roses have just arrived, lots of new ones to choose from.

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