Japanese Maples

Grace and Beauty

Japanese maples (Acers) are amongst the finest shrubs that anyone could plant in their garden. Known for their graceful habit, often with attractive coloured foliage and many finely textured leaves. Japanese maples come into their own in autumn when their foliage turns stunning shades of golden-yellow, orange or fiery-red. They are slow-growing, compact in habit and their non-invasive root system makes them ideal for the smaller, modern garden, growing in containers or as an under-storey to large trees and shrubs. Japanese maples make excellent accent plants in rockeries or beside water features. Japanese maples thrive in well-drained, slightly acidic soil with plenty of organic matter. All plants, whether in the ground or in pots, require a sheltered, semi-shaded position. Watering is important, especially for container-grown plants, as drying winds can quickly draw water from the plant and cause the leaves to 'scorch'. The ericaceous (lime-free) compost, for growing in containers, should be moist but not too wet. A layer of bark, gravel or slate on top of the container will help to retain moisture and so reduce watering.



        cappadocium Aureum Red foliage in spring turning golden yellow. Spectacular autumn colour.
        palmatum Bloodgood Upright habit, with deep reddish-purple foliage which holds its colour well before turning red in autumn.         3m
        palmatum Butterfly           Small, deeply cut leaves with green, pink and cream margins that turn red in autumn.         3m

        palmatum dissectum           Forms a dense habit with filigree-green leaves turning yellow in autumn. Keep out of cold east winds.         2m
        palmatum dissectum Atropurpurea Large, deep-red leaves with finely cut lobes. A mushroom shaped shrub. Shelter from strong cold winds.         60cm

        palmatum dissectum Garnet Large, finely-cut, deep garnet-red leaves. A mushroom shaped shrub.
        palmatum dissectum Viridis Delicate, bright-green foliage in summer. Soft yellow with orange and red tints during autumn.         60cm

        palmatum Orange Dream Upright habit. Bright orange-yellow foliage turning yellow in autumn.         3-4m

        palmatum ornatum           Dark red young foliage that matures to a bronzy-green. In autumn the leaves return to red.         1.8m
        palmatum Sango kaku (syn Senkaki) Attractive bright-coral stems in winter. Small, palmate leaves turn canary-yellow during autumn.         3m

        palmatum Seiryu Upright habit, finely-cut leaves of bright-green which are red-tinted when young and colour brilliantly during autumn.         3-4m
          palmatum Trompenburg           Strong growing habit with a tendancy to broaden as it matures. Leaves are attractive deep purple-red, with glossy appearance.         2.5m

        shirasawanum Aureum Soft golden-yellow leaves. Very slow growing, rounded shape.         2m

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on this list and on our labels. However, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances.

list updated November 2016

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