Camellia 2017

Camellias are Evergreen Shrubs that flower late Autumn and into early Spring, although they require a LIME-FREE soil, they are relatively easy to look after and are ideal for growing in containers in a cool greenhouse or conservatory. See our Cultivation and Care leaflet for advice on how to care for your Camellia.


        E T R Carlyon         White, semi-double flowers.   Mar-Apr   1.7m

        jap. Adolphe Audusson         Dark red, semi-double flowers with gold stamens.   Mar-Apr   1.8m
lady campbell         jap. Lady Campbell         Semi-double carmine red flowers.   Apr-May   2.5m
margaret davies         jap. Margaret Davies         Full peony formed flowers in early spring are creamy white with carmine streaks.   Feb-Mar   2.5m
silver anniversary         jap. Silver Anniversary         Large, white semi-double flowers with yellow stamens. Vigourous and compact.   Feb-Apr   2.5m
swan lake

jap. Swan Lake         Large, white loose flowers.   Mar-Apr   1.5m
        R L Wheeler         Large, rose-red, loose flowers.   Feb-Apr   1.8m
ruby wedding         Ruby Wedding         Deep ruby red, medium sized peony flowers. Vigorous upright habit.   Mar-May   2.5m
        Spring Festival         Miniature rose form. Medium pink shading to light pink in centre.   Feb-Apr   2.5m

        x williamsii Anticipation         Large, peony formed, rose-pink and white variegated blooms.   Mar-Apr   2-3m
debbie         x williamsii Debbie         Very pretty, glowing-pink, peony-like flowers.   Mar-Apr   2.5m
donation         x williamsii Donation         Large, semi-double orchid-pink flowers.   Mar-Apr   2.5m
jurys yellow         x williamsii Jurys Yellow         The yellowest flowered Camellia. Masses of creamy yellow flowers over a long period.   Feb-Apr   2.5m

This list is only to be used as a guide. Descriptions may vary according to weather conditions, soil type and planting aspect. All varieties are offered subject to availability - LIST UPDATED MARCH 2017.

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