Shrubs for Exposed Sites





Cotoneaster  Deciduous & Evergreen, low growing varieties, flowers and berries. 10cm+
Elaeagnus  Evergreen, attrative variegated and green leaves.  2-4m+ 
Escallonia  Evergreen, flowers in summer.  45cm-2m
Euonymus fortunei   Evergreen, variegated leaves.  40cm 1m
Fuchsia magellanica   Deciduous, pendulous flowers in summer.  1-3m
Genista Lydia  Deciduous, yellow flowers in spring.  60cm
Gaultheria  Evergreen, spring flowers followed by showy berries.  60-90cm
Ilex aquifolium  Evergreen, berries on female plants.  2m+
Lavatera  Deciduous, white & pink flowers all summer.  60cm-2m
Phormium  Evergreen, strap-like leaves, many forms are variegated.  1-2m
Pyracantha  Evergreen, spring flowers, followed by bright berries.  1.5m
Spiraea  Deciduous, spring and summer flowering.  45cm-1.5m
Tamarix  Decicuous, spring and summer flowering.  3-5m


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on this list and on our labels, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances.
Plants subject to availability.


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