Such a versatile group of plants, useful for covering fences, walls, trellis, arches or obelisks. They are great for screening unsightly areas of the garden, brightening up bare walls or adding height to borders. 

Name (common name) & Description Conditions Size
Actinidia kolomikta DECIDUOUS. An elegant climber grown for its green, pink and white tri-coloured foliage. Scented white flowers in June. Most soils in sun or semi-shade. sunsemi HEIGHT: 5m SPREAD: 3m
Akebia quinata Amethyst Glow (Chocolate Vine) SEMI-EVERGREEN. Amethyst flowers in early spring followed by fruits up to 10cm long. Requires a moist, fertile soil in sun or semi-shade. sunsemi HEIGHT: 5-8m SPREAD: 4m
Akebia trifoliata SEMI-EVERGREEN. Dark purple flowers produced in April. Pale violet sausage shaped fruits in autumn. Requires a moist fertile soil in sun or semi-shade. sunsemi HEIGHT: 9m.
Ampelopsis Glandulosa Elegans DECIDUOUS. Mottled cream and pink leaves, decorative purple blue fruits in autumn. Sheltered site in fertile soil in sun. sun HEIGHT: 2.5m
Berberidopsis corallina (Coral Plant) EVERGREEN. Heart-shaped, dark green leathery leaves. Deep crimson, hanging, bell-shaped flowers during late summer. Requires a shaded sheltered position. shade HEIGHT: 4m SPREAD: 4m
Billardiera longifolia Cherry Berry EVERGREEN CLIMBER. Bell-shaped greenish- yellow flowers followed by red fruits. Shelter from winds. Fertile soil in sun. sun HEIGHT: 2m SPREAD: 2m
Dregea wattakaka sinensis DECIDUOUS. Fragrant red spotted white flowers during summer. Needs support and warmth - frost hardy. Plant in sun or semi-shade in a well-drained soil. HEIGHT 4m. sunsemiEAD: 4m.
Fremontodendron California Glory (Flannel Bush) EVERGREEN. Large, golden-yellow saucer-shaped flowers all summer. Best against a south wall. For full sun and well drained soil.
Warning: Skin & eye irritant
sun HEIGHT: 6m SPREAD: 4m
Hedera algeriensis Gloire de Marengo (Ivy) EVERGREEN CLIMBER. Large grey-green leaves with white margin. Red stems on new shoots. Any aspect. Any fertile well drained soil.
Warning: Harmful if eaten/may cause skin allergy
Hedera colchica Sulphur Heart EVERGREEN. Large, broadly ovate leaves boldly marked with an irregular central splash of yellow merging into greens. Suits most soils except wet ones, any aspect. HEIGHT: 5m SPREAD: 4m

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