DESCRIPTION: The world’s most versatile and colourful plant. Bougainvilleas can be grown to the size and shape required. Bougainvillea have a long lifespan. Treat as a Pelargonium and you will not go wrong.

SOIL: We would recommend you use a Peat based compost. Give a good soak then allow to dry between waterings in the Summer. Water sparingly in the Winter. Feed every 7 days from mid February-October using a feed with a high potash content. Bougainvilleas are best grown in Terracotta pots, kept fairly pot bound and should never be repotted until they have climatised to their conditions, usually 2-3 weeks. When potting, support the rootball, place compost in position, water in to settle - DO NOT COMPRESS THE ROOTS.  In warm weather you may find it beneficial to soak the pot in water before repotting.

POSITION: Full sun, can be grown on a windowsill, in a porch or conservatory. May be placed outside in the Summer.

PRUNING: Main prune at the end of February. You can lightly prune after each flush of flower.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on our lists and labels. However, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances. Varieties offered are subject to availability.



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