Planting Raspberry Canes

Canes should be planted 50-60cm apart with 120-150cm between the rows. Canes for planting are usually available from November to March. If the soil is too wet to plant immediately the canes should be “heeled-in” until conditions improve.

They should be planted firmly but NOT TOO DEEPLY with basal buds just below the surface of the soil. It is good practice to incorporate FOREST BARK PLUS or other humus-rich soil improvers into the soil before or during planting, particularly where the soil is heavy.

After planting it is usual practice to cut the canes down to leave about three buds above the soil level – this encourages development of basal growth whilst higher cutting may produce fruiting laterals. With the exception of autumn fruiting varieties, new canes produced in the summer after planting bear fruit during the second year; they then require support to prevent breakage etc. and to prevent the fruits being soiled. The canes should be tied to strong wires secured to good substantial posts driven well into the ground.

We strongly recommend that you apply fertiliser regularly during the ensuing years. VITAX Q4 is the ideal general fertiliser for this.

Losses can and do occur when planting new canes and allowances should be made for this in the quantity of canes purchased.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on this list and on our labels, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances.
Plants subject to availability.

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