Citrus may not hardy in Britain but can be grown in summer, outdoors in pots, then brought into a cool, (frost-free), bright environment for the winter, ideally a conservatory, glazed porch or sunny windowsill in a cool room. Limes need a little more warmth. The fragrant flowers appear all year round, but are especially abundant in late winter, and fruit ripens up to 12 months later, so they often flower and fruit at the same time.

        Citrofortunella Vulcan Lemon - Requires a light position. Can be put outside for summer but not frost tolerant. Min temp 50-60f required thoughout winter. Feed regularly during growing season.
        Calamondin - Bears fruit in profusion thought the year. Requires 4 hours of direct sunlight a day. Normal room temperatures are suitable. An ideal conservatory plant.
four seasons

  Lemon Four Seasons - Requires at least 4 hours direct sunlight per day for best results. Feed regularly using citrus feed. See care leaflet for further details.
kaffir         Lime Kaffir - Heavily scented flowers followed by miniature orange fruits. Ideal for conservatory use. Can be grown outdoors in a sheltered position in the summer months.
          Orange Sinensis - Requires a minimum of 4 ours direct sunlight a day. Water and feed regularly in summer, but less frequently during winter. An ideal conservatory plant.

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