Inkarho Rhododendrons

At home in every type of soil!

INKARHO are the new generation of rhododendron, proving to be better and hardier and will grow in all types of soil, even  heavy clay and loam soils. They are not only hardy and attractive, but the variety is huge and available in all your favourite colours.

The secret lies in the rhododendron rootstock which are grafted, making the Inkarho extremely lime-tolerant and gives a strong root system.

Impressive on their own or in a flower bed, they look equally good in a container, preferably stone, terracotta or wood. A long lasting fertilizer being added at the beginning of April is recommended, to ensure a continued healthy appearance. Rhododendron hedges provide a robust, thick-leaved, hardy appearance.

Planting and Care -  The root ball should be watered thoroughly before planting. A hole should be dug about 3-4 times bigger than the root ball and partially filled with good compost. Plant, fill with remaining soil and press down around plant lightly. Form a water-retaining mound and water thoroughly. Inkarho's have very flat roots, so don't require planting deeper than they would stand in a pot, and preferably a bit higher.

Feeding - Feed with rhododendron fertilizer before flowering March to May, then add more after flowering. Carefully remove withered flowers.

Did you know that you can plant your INKARHO Rhododendrons any time of the year, even when they are blooming?

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