Sweet Peas 

The recommended time for planting out is from March onwards. Sweet Peas benefit from well cultivated soil that has had a little well-rotted manure or compost added. Plant in an open sunny site, 20-30cm (8-12in) apart against a fence with pea net or a wigwam of canes. Protect against slugs, snails and birds. Cut regularly to prolong flowering.

Common Pests and Problems: Aphids - These tiny creatures are usually green and leave sticky patches on stems and leaves. Spray with a general insecticide to control or remove infected plants.

Slugs -  This pest may chew sweet pea leaves and very young stems. A variety of pellets and countermeasures are available.

Mildew -  Downy mildew results in grey furry patches on the undersides of leaves. Powdery mildew results in a white powdery coating on leaves and stems. Both may be treated with a general fungicide.

Virus - Plants become stunted, shoots die back and leaves and flowers may become discoloured or distorted. As there is no treatment, destroy infected plants and wash all tools thoroughly. Spray against aphids, which may further spread the disease.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on our lists and labels. However, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances. Varieties offered are subject to availability.

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