Streptocarpus, come from the wooded ravines and valleys in South Africa. Belonging to the same family as African Violets they fall into two groups: Streptocapellas – those with stems and Streptocarpus saxorum, the more commonly known types that have a rosette of leaves. It is from these rosette types that the modern hybrids are bred. 

Easily grown, and remarkably free from pests and diseases.

FLOWERING:  May until winter. Good for cutting. Regularly cut off dead flowers.

LIGHT:  Bright east or west position, not full sun as this will cause leaves to burn and fade flowers.

WATER:  Wait until compost feels dry to the touch, do not over-water.

FEEDING:  In March or April gradually start watering and feed monthly with a Dibleys Streptocarpus fertiliser tablet. 

REPOTTING: Streptocarpus benefit from being slightly pot-bound as they tend to produce more flowers, but they can be repotted to a slightly larger pot in spring.

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