Shrubs for Shade




 Aucuba  Evergreen, large leaves, berries on female.  1.5m+
 Elaeagnus  Evergreen, small scented flowers.  2m+ 
 Euonymus  Evergreen, variegated leaves.  1m
 Camellia  Evergreen, spring flowering.  2.5m
 Daphne  Evergreen, fragrant spring flowers.  1m
 Garrya  Evergreen, winter catkins.  2.5m
 Hydrangea  Deciduous, summer flowering.  1.5m
 Hypericum  Deciduous, summer flowering.  1.5m
 Ilex  Evergreen, berries on females.  5m+
 Lonicera  Evergreen, varieties, small leaves.  60cm+
 Mahonia  Evergreen, scented flowers winter & spring.  60cm+
 Ribes Laurifolium   Evergreen, flowers in late winter.  1m
 Sarcococca  Evergreen, highly scented flowers in winter.  45cm-2m
 Skimmia Evergreen, scented flowers in spring, berries on females.   1m+
 Viburnum  Evergreen varieties, summer flowering.  1.5m
 Pachysandra  Evergreen, ground cover, spring flowering.  20cm
 Vinca  Evergreen, ground cover, flowers spring-summer. 20cm+

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given both on this list and on our labels, some details may vary according to special or geographical circumstances.
Plants subject to availability.

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