Figs are quite easy to grow and do not need a pollination partner.
SITE AND SOIL - Free draining soil is required with the roots being restricted in a pot with drainage or lined pit. A sheltered wall facing south or south west is ideal. Winter protection of the young fruits is needed, fleece, hessian or straw will do. Do not overfeed figs, a high potash feed is beneficial to the fruits when they start to swell. Water regularly so roots don’t dry out.
HARVESTING FIGS - Figs are ripe when fruit hangs downwards, gather the fruit carefully. It can be stored for several weeks in a cool place if required. Figs can be bottled or dried.

PRUNING - Main pruning should take place in June.

For a bush fig tree: prune as for apple trees. For a fan fig: prune as for peaches and nectarines. Thin out the fruits in September, the young fruits to keep are those at the near to the end of the stem (these will develop into the fruit for picking next year). In spring remove buds pointing towards and away from the wall if the fig is fan-trained. 

PESTS AND DISEASES - Figs are generally trouble-free, netting the plants from birds in late summer to protect the ripening fruit is advisable.

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